In the future, Human sexuality became more open and alot more adventurous. People were encouraged to discover, experiment and experience their fantasies and desires. No matter how imaginative or vibrant. Cults emerged and grew dedicated to satisfying the unique urges and pleasures to all those who are willing to rise through the ranks and earn the privilege to live their dreams.

Sapphica is the most prestigious and renowned lesbian cult on the planet. Will you rise through the ranks and romance your way to your every desire?



  • Sapphica is a 1 Vs 1 Card Dueling Game.

  • Players take it in turns to play cards and must defeat their opponent by making them orgasm first.

  • Each card has a mana cost and has its own tactical advantage – such as increasing your mana pool or giving pleasure to enemy.

  • 3d animations will play to mimic what is happening in the battle.

Please note this is a demo level of what Sapphica is going to be.


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Latest Post: Devlog 4 - Expanding the Card Pool

- New Dueling Areas coming in the next update!


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Published 82 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorBad Rock
GenreStrategy, Card Game
Tagserotic, yuri
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